Dwayne Johnson’s former Special Forces operative Will Sawyer is now a safety consultant brought in to independently assess the safety of The Pearl, Hong Kong’s, and indeed the world’s, tallest building coming in at just over 3000ft.

When terrorists take over The Pearl, (for reasons not worth going into), set fire to it and frame Will in the process, he’s left with no choice but to storm the building by any means necessary, rescue his family, who just happen to be trapped in amongst the carnage, and go all John McClane on the baddies.

Skyscraper takes preposterous action films to new heights (that should probably be depths) taking itself way too seriously along the way with quips and comic moments that fail to hit the mark.

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber has previously worked on comedies such as Dodgeball and Central Intelligence and Skyscraper is a misguided attempt at a straight faced thriller.

Action man Dwayne Johnson is as close to Superman as he’s ever been. The guy doesn’t lose his breath even after several exhausting fights and can virtually leap from building to building. Well, crane to building anyway. Yes, the trailer’s showpiece stunt is as gloriously ludicrous as you’d expect.

Moving from set piece to set piece, Skyscraper relies too heavily on its many action scenes and Johnson’s undoubted charisma resulting in a fairly standard thriller that’s full of plot holes and one dimensional characters.

Token villains including the hammy Noah Peters and brooding Roland Møller are paint by numbers bad guys, whilst the excellent Pablo Schreiber is sorely underused.

Neve Campbell is on good form as Mrs Will Sawyer showcasing her action credentials well and it’s nice to see her back on the big screen even though she also doesn’t have a great deal to do.

Skyscraper is totally ridiculous, implausible, daft, illogical, stupid, absurd and dumb, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun in places. Leave your brain at home and bask in the nonsensical nonsense on the big screen in front of you and maybe you’ll end up enjoying yourself. I said maybe!

Ben Peyton

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  • Great review Ben. Very comprehensive without being a spoiler!


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