New time-travel comedy, The Unreason, coming soon from the Shakespeare Sisters and Chris Reading

Earlier this year, a charming independent film came out of nowhere and charmed the socks off me. It was called Soundtrack to Sixteen and was a sweet, funny and endearing low-budget rom-com. Directing was Hillary Shakespeare who also penned the film along with her sister, Anna-Elizabeth. You can read my review here Soundtrack to Sixteen – Review. Now, the dynamic duo have come on board Chris Reading‘s latest project, The Unreason. Check out the official press release below. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun and we’ll definitely be reviewing it once it’s released.


British comedy time travel short to become feature length adventure.

London, England – Nov 19, 2020 – Writer-director Chris Reading will helm wacky North London based comedy time travel feature The Unreason, based on successful short film of the same name. 

The Unreason, follows the unwitting exploits of real-life best friends Ruth and Megan, who run a vintage shop in leafy Muswell Hill. After stumbling across a time machine, they embark on trips to the past, ‘borrowing’ items to sell in the present with no idea of the irreparable damage they’re causing to the fabric of the universe. The Unreason short gained momentum on the popular science fiction YouTube channel Dust, attracting many fans of the time travel genre with over 48K views since March. Meanwhile spin-off lockdown web series At Home With Botty has just picked up an award at the London Short Series Festival. 

Last year, Chris Reading wrote and directed the Twentieth Century Fox short A L I E N: Containment. to celebrate Alien’s 40th Anniversary. The short plays out like a one-act play of sci-fi horror, stars Gaia Weiss (Vikings), Theo Barklem Biggs (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Sharon Duncan Brewster (Rogue One), and Adam Loxley (My Cousin Rachel) and currently has over 1 million views on YouTube.

Reading is now set to embark on this dry-witted mockumentary about time travellers. “I want to make science fiction’s answer to Spinal Tap, and What We Do in the Shadows. We’re trying to combine lots of sci-fi spectacle with quaint British naturalistic humour, seated in reality. The story is fantastical as well as heartwarming, and we can’t wait to begin shooting!”

Reading has been developing the project with UK production company Shakespeare Sisters, who have recently released coming of age feature Soundtrack To Sixteen. Producers Hillary and Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare have said “The script is so funny and at times totally mad! We love the absurd world that Chris has created, while at the same time being about real people, which makes it really original.”

Follow progress of The Unreason on Instagram and the film’s website here.

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