Director: Emma Pitt

Starring Sheila Reid & Lisa Stevenson


Lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many creative people to think of new and unique ways of connecting with their audience. From virtual Q & A sessions, famous movie scenes being recreated with Lego to Musical Theatre stars from across the globe uniting via Zoom to belt out show tunes, there’s a wealth of entertaining episodes to explore in these strange times.

Written and directed by the talented Emma Pitt, My One True Love is set and filmed during lockdown. It’s simple, yet incredibly effective and moving. A video call between Margaret and Juliet, played with experienced ease by Sheila Reid and Lisa Stevenson, manages to produce laughs and several moments of delicate poignancy in its runtime of seven minutes.

Although brief, it’s well worth mentioning the extremely melodic song accompanying the credits, The One True Love, written and performed by Dave Sutherland.

My One True Love is a wonderfully charming and tragically melancholic tale that will be, sadly, all too familiar to many. Check it out right here.

Ben Peyton

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