Indie thriller The Host coming to VOD this Friday

In these unusual times, we’re all looking for films and TV shows to while away the time. On Friday April 17th, Indie thriller, The Host, arrives on all digital platforms.

With a fantastic ensemble cast featuring Derek Jacobi, Dougie Poynter, Ruby Turner MBE and Mike Beckingham (Simon Pegg‘s brother) highlighted brilliantly by the stylish cinematography of Oona Menges (daughter of legendary Academy-award winning DoP Chris Menges – The Killing Fields, The Mission). Distributed by Pearl Pictures Productions following their success sponsoring the London Critic’s Circle Film Awards this year – The Host is an exciting new addition to indie films and Hitchcockian thrillers available as entertainment for those stuck at home.


Robert Atkinson is sick and tired of his everyday grind as a London banker. Hopeful for a better life, he takes a risk with the bank’s money that eventually leads him down a rabbit hole into a world he could not have imagined and one he definitely isn’t prepared for. With nowhere to run, Robert signs up for a trip where, as if by fate, he discovers he’s a pawn for a beautiful woman with shady secrets of her own. Fuelled by power players, seduction and violence, Robert falls into a deadly game of choice and consequence.

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