Arcadia is a fascinating look at man’s relationship with Mother Earth shown using archive footage from around the UK set to a modern score. An intriguing blend of folk horror and documentary combine to create an unusual, almost ethereal, story.

Predominantly in black and white, we travel through the last 100 years, focusing on certain areas of the English countryside, in an unflinching journey that highlights our tender, yet often destructive, use of nature whilst showcasing our evolution, for better or worse.

Featuring an original score by Adrian Utley of Portishead and Will Gregory from Goldfrapp, their music beautifully captures a plethora of emotions. Freedom, hope, despair and angst in particular.

BAFTA winning Director Paul Wright has brought to the present a superbly crafted film about the future, making full use of our chequered past.

Quirky, visceral and compelling, Arcadia is a thought provoking film that challenges attitudes and ideals.

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