61 Hugs (Short film)


Director: CK Goldiing

Starring: CK Goldiing

Run time: 23min


Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to hug 61 strangers (obviously with their consent!). Think you could do it? Or, more to the point, why would you do it?

Documentarian CK Goldiing steps out of his comfort zone and onto the steely streets of Sheffield as he attempts to give and receive 61 hugs. Filming himself using a selfie stick and opting for black and white, we’re up close and personal with CK as he chases his goal, presented all in one take.

CK is an extremely charismatic and likeable guy and this works in his favour constantly. Hell, I wanted to hug him. Had his personality been showcased in a less favourable light or had he been up against his polar opposite attempting the challenge, then this would’ve taken the film to the next level.

As it is, there’s a spontaneous and joyous celebration of life happening as something as simple as a hug is enough to warm the heart of someone watching hundreds of miles away, through a glass screen. At only 23 minutes long, it’s a compelling and intriguing watch as CK reacts to the various levels of success his request achieves. The great British public also leave their mark as various characters we can all relate to are quickly introduced, some relishing the camera’s presence whilst others are not so keen.

CK’s reason for starting the whole process is simple, yet charmingly effective and made even more memorable by Aakash Gandhi’s beautiful piece of music, “Waterfall”, accompanying the finale.

In a world where life is full of choices (choose life, choose a job, choose a career etc), CK Goldiing proves that the world would be a better place if we all chose a hug.

61 Hugs is available to watch for free right now!

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