My least enjoyable films of 2018

Hello everyone! Of the films released in the UK during 2018, these are the six I thought were the most disappointing.

6. Skyscraper


I’m all for dumb action films, but this was too much. Dwayne Johnson is as likeable as ever, but even he can’t save this film from scraping the barrel. Good guy has to save his family from bad guys in a really tall building. Generic cobblers.

5. Swimming With Men


Rob Brydon manages to stay afloat in this occasionally funny comedy, but the film sinks. A middle-aged man finds comfort in synchronised swimming with a group of guys all with their own issues. A weak script lets down a fine ensemble cast.

4. Terminal


Visually stunning to look at thanks to some superb cinematography and Margot Robbie has fun as a woman out for revenge, but that’s as good as it gets. A confusing disjointed script doesn’t hold interest and Mike Myers brings a rejected Austin Powers character to the proceedings in a bizarre casting / acting choice.

3. Mile 22


Special Ops soldier has to escort a defector to an airport and keep him alive whilst lots of other people try to kill him. Mark Wahlberg gets angry, shaky camera work and inconsistent editing make some of the fights difficult to follow and none of the characters are likeable in any way. Special mention to John Malkovich and his spectacular wig.

2. Venom


Tom Hardy overacts his way through a mess of a Marvel movie. Not particularly funny, unoriginal action and an anti-climatic ending.

1Robin Hood


Where to start with this one? Terrible script, forgettable characters, hammy acting and inconsistent direction. Only Taron Egerton escapes unscathed. Just.

Thanks for reading this. Do you agree or disagree with my choices? Let me know in the comments section or find me on Twitter @BenPeyton007.

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