Ocean’s 8



Recently released from prison, Daniel Ocean’s sister Debbie is doing it for herself as she sets out on an ambitious heist determined to come away with a huge payoff whilst also settling some personal scores.

Demonstrating some of her brother‘s deviousness early on, together with her partner Lou, she recruits her all female gang. With the players in place, so starts her elaborate plan to steal some jewels from the famous Met Gala in New York.

The build up is a little slow as the characters are introduced, with some more interesting than others, particularly Constance and Nine Ball. A few of the team’s tricks are cut and paste from the film’s predecessors, and it’s not until the con is on that the movie really kicks into gear.

Stylish and extravagant, the pieces of the jigsaw all fit into place in an often confusing and occasionally ridiculous way, but it’s all part of the fun. Probably lacking in tension, the plot plays out with a few twists along the way, but nothing you couldn’t see coming.

Speaking of fun, James Corden’s insurance investigator John Frazier joins the party and is excellent in an all too brief part, whilst Anne Hathaway’s diva Daphne Kluger steals the show for the girls. The rest of the cast all perform their parts well, but hardly have to flex their acting muscles.

Director Gary Ross enjoys himself with some fun scene transitions and split screens, whilst Daniel Pemberton’s score has an Austin Powers vibe to it. Groovy, baby.

A disappointingly slow start, but ultimately a fun finish, Ocean’s 8 doesn’t bring anything new to heist films, but it’s a solid beginning to a potential new franchise.

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