Deadpool 2



Ryan Reynolds returns as potty-mouthed, Marvel mutant Wade Wilson, aka superhero Deadpool, in the sequel to 2016’s record breaking film.  In Deadpool 2, our hero thoroughly embraces his position as the naughty, drunk uncle of the Marvel family and brings us a refreshing counterpoint to the other superhero movies out there.

Deadpool teams up with some fellow mutants, a few of whom we’ve met before, in a bid to protect young mutant Russell, also known as Fire Fist, from Josh Brolin’s time travelling super soldier Cable, who’s intent on killing the youngster for reasons unknown.

Director David Leitch has previously worked on action films John Wick and Atomic Blonde so is no stranger to this adrenaline-charged genre. Deadpool 2 offers up more of the same from the first film, but on a grander, even more cinematic scale. Explosions, slow-motion shots, chases, fist fights, sword fights and gun fights are all choreographed to perfection and the bullets go ballistic in a beautifully balletic way. The opening title sequence and song give the James Bond films a run for their money and a retro score including A-ha, Cher and Pat Benatar accompany the action.

Although there are several laugh out loud moments, including a Basic Instinct gag that’s just nuts, some of the trademark in-jokes, asides and quips to the camera fail to hit the mark and become tiresome and irritating.

There are some fun cameos and strong performances from the supporting cast especially Zazie Beetz as Domino and Rob Delaney as Peter, but the film very much belongs to Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin. Indeed, Reynolds, with his easy Canadian charm, is regularly upstaged by Brolin’s commanding presence and skill as an action hero.

If you enjoyed Deadpool, then you’ll enjoy this. It’s loud, obnoxious and crass (was it going to be anything else?), but a hell of a lot of fun. It also provides a surprisingly emotional finale.

Stick around for a couple of scenes during the end credits, but don’t hang around until the very end because there isn’t one.

Have you seen Deadpool 2? What did you think? I’d love to hear from you so please get in touch!

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